Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an automatic transcription service that converts your audio and video files into text, using artificial intelligence.

What files can I transcribe? supports the most common audio (mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, flac, aac, wma) and video (mp4, webm, avi, mov, mkv, wmv, flv) formats.

Who is for?

Our goal is to make transcription accessible to everyone, thanks to our user-friendly interface and affordable pricing.
Whether you're a professional transcribing interviews or an individual wanting to transcribe your favorite podcast, is for you!

How much does a transcription cost? uses a credit system to suit your needs. When you create your account, we offer you 30 free minutes of transcription, which is 30 tokens. Each additional hour of transcription costs €3 on demand, and we offer subscriptions for more advantageous rates.

How long does a transcription take?

A transcription takes 6 times less time than the duration of the audio. For example, an hour-long audio will be transcribed in less than 10 minutes.

How can I use my transcription?

You can edit your transcript directly from our interface, then export it as a .pdf, .docx, .html, or .srt file, or send it by email.

Do you guarantee the quality of transcriptions? achieves 99% accuracy on high-quality audios, and we guarantee at least 90% accuracy on all transcripts. If a transcript does not meet your expectations, you can report it from the transcript page, and you will be re-credited.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by email at